Are you left-brained or right-brained?

left-brained or right-brained

The human brain is divided. The human brain is divided in the middle when you look at it. The basis for presumptions is the split’s character This physical divide, i.e. left side vs. right side, prompted early psychologists to abandon attributing psychological notions. Even sections that are in the middle are divided The brain’s major … Read more

Is loneliness a Threat to Democracy?

loneliness a threat to democracy

A growing number of German youth report feeling lonely regularly. This causes substantial health hazards, but experts believe there is a correlation between loneliness and anti-democratic beliefs. Now the question is Is loneliness a threat to democracyLoneliness is frequently regarded as a quiet pandemic in Germany. According to the most recent Federal Statistical Office data, … Read more

Are male and female brains different?

male and female brains

The findings of a study published in February 2024 by a team of Stanford University experts provide new light on the contentious issue of whether male and female brains are different. According to the study’s authors, AI-generated brain scans show that males and girls are wired differently and that cognitive ability differences exist. However, the scientific … Read more

What is Depression? Types of Depression

Depression Types of Depression

Depression (major depressive disorder) is a frequent and significant medical ailment that hurts your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Luckily, treatment is available. Sadness and a loss of interest in once-enjoyed activities are symptoms of depression. It can make it harder for you to function at home and work and cause a range of mental and physical … Read more

Mental Health vs. Physical Health, Which Has Greater Significance?

Mental Health vs. Physical Health

When you hear the word “health”, what comes to mind? The majority of us immediately associate physical health with things like eating well, exercising, drinking water, etc. Achieving a healthy and happy lifestyle also requires maintaining our mental health, even as physical health is crucial for keeping our bodies in good form and operating as … Read more

TMS ruined my life, What Is TMS?


Any of us will likely click on the second headline. Sadly, if this is your first exposure to TMS, it may even decide how much you trust the technology and the treatment. Now the question is TMS ruined my lifeIn actuality, there is no disagreement regarding TMS. In treating anxiety and depression, transcranial magnetic stimulation … Read more

How To Tell if Shortness Of Breath is from Anxiety


Breathlessness is a typical anxiety symptom. Now the question is How To Tell if Shortness Of Breath is from Anxiety Breathlessness can be a result of worry triggered by certain circumstances. Anxiety might also increase with dyspnea.Upon seeing an anxiety symptom, individuals might think they are experiencing a cardiac or breathing issue.The connection between worry … Read more

Do You Know the Difference Between Panic and Anxiety

Do You Know the Difference Between Panic and Anxiety

Sudden, powerful experiences of fear that result in bodily symptoms like sweat, rapid breathing, and a racing heart are known as panic attacks. Panic disorder is a kind of anxiety disorder that some people who have panic episodes acquire. Panic disorders and attacks can be treated with medication and therapy. Difference Between Panic and Anxiety … Read more

12 Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

10 Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety may be significantly reduced by adopting changes in lifestyle like increasing sleep, reducing back on caffeine, praying, and eating properly. Define Anxiety The normal reaction of your body to stress is anxiety. According to studies, there are several potential causes of this stress or worry, including brain chemistry, environment, and heredity. Reduce anxiety and … Read more