How to Remove Turmeric Stains, Does Toothpaste Remove Turmeric Stains?

Turmeric is something you have used in your kitchen if you have ever prepared Indian food at home. This tasty spice has also increased in favor as a health supplement for various ailments, such as arthritis, allergies, depression, inflammation, and others. Knowing how to remove turmeric stains is useful whether you use it to cook or for health reasons.

Turmeric is a powdered spice that is commonly found in curry powder. Curcumin, turmeric’s major element, is responsible for the yellow stains. Turmeric is an organic substance, however, because it isn’t soluble in water, stain removers with greater strength are needed to remove stains.
While turmeric gives a unique flavor and color to your meal, it is tough to remove stains, whether fresh or powdered. For the finest stain-removal results, act quickly—treat turmeric stains as soon as they appear. To get rid of turmeric stains from a variety of home objects, follow this guide.

Turmeric stain removal in 6 easy steps for white clothing

1) Take immediate action

When it comes to getting rid of curry stains, time is essential. It’s recommended not to wait too long after the accident to clean up the stains; otherwise, they may set in. Scrape away the extra stain with a spoon as soon as possible, then gently blot it with cool water.

2) Allow to Soak

The next step is to fill your sink or bucket with cold water, add Ariel Matic Front Load or Top Load Powder, and soak the garment for 30 minutes.

3) Quantity

To effectively remove turmeric stains, you must first understand how to properly dose powder detergent. First, read the dosing instructions on the package, then use the included scoop to measure out the proper amount. Dose the detergent and add it to the drawer before adding the clothing, whether you’re using a front-loading or top-loading machine.
Ariel Matic Liquid is ideal for vividly colored clothing. Its dosage cap guarantees that there will be no spills, which will make your job much easier. To load the laundry detergent into your washing machine’s drawer, simply measure out the appropriate amount of liquid detergent.

4) Clean

Place your outfit in your washing machine with similar items and wash on the usual cycle at the warmest wash temperature specified on your clothing’s fabric care label.

5) Discharge

When the cycle is complete, quickly unload your garments. If the stains are still visible, follow the instructions above until they are fully removed.

6) Drying

If the curry stain has been fully removed and there is no cloud in the sky, hang the garment on a washing line or a drying rack in direct sunlight and allow it to air dry. Sun rays act as a natural bleaching agent, which will help keep your white clothes white.

Tips for Getting Rid of Turmeric Stains on White Clothes

If the stain is white, soak it in a solution of bleach (a few capfuls) and hot water for 15 minutes before washing. Another popular stain-removal method is to combine baking soda—known for its grease-cutting and moderate abrasive properties—with a small amount of water to make a paste, then apply it to the stain before gently cleaning it with a soft toothbrush or cloth. After treating the turmeric stain, follow the wash and dry directions above.

How to Remove Turmeric Discolorations on Counters

Don’t worry if you spill some turmeric on the counter while preparing your favorite meal. Turmeric stains on countertops may often be removed with mild scrubbing.

1) Use a Paste

Mix water and baking soda in equal amounts to make a paste.
After putting it on the stain, sit for around fifteen minutes. Scrub the stain carefully in a circular motion with a microfiber cloth.

2) Try some vinegar or lemon juice (optional).

Add lemon juice or vinegar for added cleaning power (if it’s safe for your countertop). If the stain is still present, use a Magic Eraser sponge to scrub the area gently to not harm the surface.

When cleaning natural stone countertops, such as marble or granite, be careful not to scratch the surface and avoid using acidic materials like vinegar or lemon.

How to Remove Turmeric Stains from Nails and Skin?

Cooking with turmeric frequently results in discolored fingers and nails. Here are some pantry ingredients that will help you clean turmeric-stained hands.

Remove as much turmeric as possible.

1) Take Out All of the Turmeric

To remove turmeric stains from skin or nails, try rubbing alcohol to dislodge as much of the spice as possible. Clean hands with warm water and soap after dabbing turmeric spots with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. Treat this like you would pre-treat stained clothing—that is, as a pre-treatment for your discolored nails or skin.

2) Take Out the Pigment

To exfoliate and elevate the yellow color in your skin, combine baking soda and lemon juice to make a paste. Clean up with warm water.

3) Rub alcohol on your nails

To clean turmeric-stained nails, apply rubbing alcohol to cotton balls until saturated, just like polish remover. Soak your nails in a bowl of diluted dish soap (citrus brands tend to work best because lemon and lime have natural lightening properties) for 10-15 minutes.

4) Hands up

Once finished, wash your hands and moisturize your nails and skin, as the alcohol will most likely dry them.

Turmeric stain home cures

If you run out of Ariel at home and need to clean your curry-stained white shirt quickly, there are a few options. Please keep in mind that the following advice only applies to white items and that if you want the greatest cleaning results, using laundry detergent is always recommended.

1) Drinking

Simply apply alcohol on the stain, then massage it with a soft sponge to remove the yellow stain from the fabric.

2) Vinegar

Vinegar is also effective at removing curry stains. Simply combine one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent, one tablespoon of white vinegar, and around half a liter of cold water, then apply the solution to the spot with a clean cloth. If there is any surplus liquid, use a sponge to absorb it. Continue doing this until the stain is gone.

3) Lemon

Juice from a lemon wedge into two parts should be squeezed onto the curry stain and left for approximately half an hour. That is plenty of time to go to the store and purchase a pack of Ariel, after which you can wash your item as usual, following the fabric care label.

4) Glycerin

To remove any extra curry or turmeric from the clothing, use a spoon or a dull knife, then wipe the stain gently with a towel to remove any remaining residue. After that, apply some glycerin to the area, dab it softly with your fingertips, and let it soak for about an hour while you go to the store to get a package of Ariel. When the timer goes off, rinse the stained area well with cold water to remove the glycerin. Finally, wash the clothing at the highest safe temperature stated on the fabric care label, then dry it outside.

Ways to Get Rid of Turmeric Stains on Clothes

Treat clothing immediately if it comes into contact with curry sauce or powdered turmeric. The following steps will give you the best chance of getting a turmeric stain off of clothing:

  • Apply cold water to the stain.
  • Soak the stain in cold water and mild detergent for 20 minutes.
  • Use standard washing detergent and cold water to wash the garments.
  • To aid in the stain’s fading, line-dry in the sun.
  • If you’re at a restaurant, request a slice of lemon and rub it on the stain. Allow the lemon juice to soak into the stain for 15 minutes before washing with cold water. After you get home, follow the above instructions to cure the stain.

Methods for Eliminating Turmeric Stains in Kitchen Cabinets

Curcumin, a stain-causing component in turmeric, can occasionally stain your kitchen cabinets. Lighter-colored cabinets can be more difficult to clean than stained or darker cabinets, although baking soda will usually remove yellow stains. To remove turmeric stains from painted or stained kitchen cabinets, use these steps:

  • Combine enough water and baking soda to make a thick paste.
  • Apply the paste on the turmeric stain and let for 15 minutes.
  • To remove the baking soda residue and discoloration, wash the affected area with dish soap and water.
  • With a moist towel, clean the cabinet.

If the baking soda paste does not work, dampen a magic eraser and gently rub the stain. If the stains are old and obstinate, try denatured alcohol. Whitening toothpaste can help remove stubborn stains and is gentle enough to be used on stained cabinetry.

Ways to Get Rid of Turmeric Stains on Carpet

When learning how to remove turmeric stains from carpet, the most important thing to remember is to deal with the spill as soon as possible. Start by blotting as much of the fresh stain as you can with a paper towel while it’s still damp. Let’s start with some dish soap, baking soda, and a damp towel.

  • Coat the carpet stain entirely with baking soda by adding plenty of it.
  • Give the baking soda five minutes to absorb the moist stain.
  • To remove the layer of baking soda, use a butter knife.
  • After combining water and liquid dish soap, dunk a towel into the cleaning solution.


How do you remove dried turmeric stains?

Add enough baking soda to the water to make a thick paste. Apply the paste on the turmeric stain and let for 15 minutes. To get rid of the baking soda residue and stain, wash the discolored area with dish soap and water.

Does vinegar remove turmeric stains?

Remove the turmeric stain with a mixture of two parts hot water and one part bleach or vinegar. Allow the dishes to soak in the solution overnight. By morning, the stain ought to be gone. Moreover, this technique works for blenders, food processor bowls, and dishes made of plastic, glass, and ceramic.

Does toothpaste remove turmeric stains?

To remove yellow Haldi stains, you can also use toothpaste. Apply any white toothpaste you have on hand to the discoloration. Spend one to two minutes rubbing with an old toothbrush. After a few hours, remove it with detergent-infused water.

Does baking soda remove turmeric stains from clothes?

Fresh, dried, and ground turmeric will easily stain everything it comes into touch with, so if it gets on your clothes (especially white fabric), act quickly to remove it. You should be able to remove tough turmeric stains with perseverance, a little baking soda, detergent, and vinegar.

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