Inspire Sleep Apnea Horror Stories, My personal experience with Inspire for Sleep Apneas

Many of us aspire to see the world like Janet Lancsak has. She and her family have taken several trips across the world. “We’ve been to South Africa,” says Janet. “We’ve been to Victoria Falls, then we went to Vietnam, Cambodia, and then we went to Ecuador, and we went to the Galapagos and saw the turtles, and we went to Machu Picchu.”Inspire Sleep Apnea Horror Stories

Inspire sleep Apnea Horror Stories

The 73-year-old retiree, however, only dreamed of a restful night’s sleep for more than ten years. “To my primary care physician, I was lamenting my extreme fatigue,” Janet recalls. “I had a sleep study, and that’s when they found out I had sleep apnea.”

People may repeatedly cease breathing for at least ten seconds during the night. As a result, Janet had poor sleep quality and felt tired during the day.

Janet needed to receive the care she required because sleep apnea, if left untreated, can worsen several illnesses, including diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, depression, stroke, and heart attacks.

Soundly Sleeping

Janet recovered in less than three days after Hutz conducted the uncomplicated outpatient operation.
According to Janet, the incision and the raised area of wire on her neck did not cause her any pain.

Her sleep improved as well.”She continues to use the implant nightly and has been gaining great benefit from her surgery.”

Janet is also a lot happier with her implant than she was with the CPAP machine, especially because it makes it much simpler to achieve great sleep. I mentioned to Dr. Hutz that I couldn’t wear strapless dresses anymore, so the incision could have been slightly lower. He would laugh.

“I don’t wear strapless stuff,” Janet explains with a smile. Anyway, it’s fantastic. I can’t tell you how much I adore it. The finest thing I’ve ever done is have this implant.”

Janet now only needs to come in once a year to ensure that the implant is still working properly. She feels healthier and has continued to tour the world. Janet explains, “We celebrated our 50th anniversary by taking the kids and our grandchildren to Hawaii.”

Motivated by a well-known face

Janet went to RUSH for care, and her doctor there recommended Inspire.

She consented to undergo the Inspire implant, and when she saw who would be administering the treatment — a familiar face she recognized — her mind was immediately calmed. After opening the door, the doctor removes his mask. “He says, ‘Remember me?'” Says Janet. “And it was Dr. Michael Hutz from Loyola.”

Janet had known Hutz during her time at Loyola, it turned out. “I adore Michael.” “I have to call him ‘Dr. Hutz,’ but I’ve known him since he was a medical student,” Janet explains. It’s challenging for me to treat him professionally, because

Janet was sick of her mask

She used to work at Loyola University, where she first had her sleep apnea treated. The patient must sleep with a mask that connects to the machine via a hose.

Like Janet, however, a lot of people with sleep apnea have trouble using masks and CPAP devices. Janet states, “I would use it sometimes, but it was such a hassle.” “Every morning I wore it, it would be on the floor when I awoke.

I couldn’t cope with it. My husband went to the other room to sleep. I was feeling riled up. I had trouble sleeping.

To make matters worse, Loyola informed Janet that she would no longer have a sleep medicine physician.
She had only two options for continuing her treatment. She might either get treatment at the University of Chicago or RUSH.

My personal experience with Inspire for Sleep Apneas

  • The reason I’m writing about the Inspire device for sleep apnea is to provide more information than what you can find on the official Inspire website I am one of many who underwent surgery to install this device. I hope that my experience might help those of you who are thinking about undergoing this treatment to fix your apnea problems.
  • My experience was awful.
  • Following the operation and the subsequent events, I did not achieve any of the results advertised on the Inspire website, nor did I receive any of the information provided by my doctor..
  • My doctor first explained the procedure to me before it. He stated that he planned to install the device through two incisions.
  • It was a dramatic deep cut of about 4.5 inches that has not healed entirely and is still painful today (four months after surgery). You’ll notice that the Inspire website never displays an image or video of the patient’s right side where the cut was performed.
  • Second, the doctor informed me that I would be able to recover from the procedure within 4 to 6 days. This is untrue. Due to the extreme agony and discomfort, I was experiencing, it took me more than two weeks to be able to return to work.
  • My neck was highly swollen (I can show you images) for almost 4 weeks, and the inflammation has not yet entirely subsided after 4 months since the surgery.
  • Third, one month after surgery, the doctor activated the gadget. During my sleep, my tongue pushed forward to expand my airway, and he informed me that it would take about a month for my body to adjust to this new sensation. That day, I discovered for the first time that this device does not work by delivering an electric impulse when you have apnea, but rather by continuously firing the electric impulse while you are sleeping or attempting to sleep. By doing so, you must submit yourself to a continuous electric shock to the hypoglossal nerve, which pulls your tongue forward. You can’t even sleep when Inspire is “doing its job” because of how unbearably uncomfortable and terrible this electric shock is.
  • Fourth, I returned to my doctor to see what I could do to figure out how we could resolve these concerns. I didn’t want to quit after going through such a difficult and expensive surgery; I needed this to work for me and was desperate. The physician decided to change the parameters by lessening the electric shock’s intensity. He informed me that I should get used to the electric shock gradually, and that eventually I would be able to sleep with Inspire on. He also informed me that I needed to progressively increase the intensity level (the gadget has ten levels) up to level 10, which is the only effective setting for making the apneas less severe. I began with the first level. I became proficient at level 3 after three weeks. At that point, I developed severe vertigo symptoms that prompted me to visit the emergency room. Every ER doctor I saw believed that using this device was the cause of the vertigo. Upon consulting with the physician who performed the implant, he refuted any association between Inspire use and dizziness.
  • At that point, I decided to discontinue using Inspire and wait until the vertigo subsided. Three weeks later, I used Inspire again; within three hours, the vertigos returned. It was sad and depressing that, after all of this suffering, I had to give up on using Inspire to treat my sleep apnea.
  • I’m writing to prevent you from having the same experience I had. Despite the discomfort that the operation causes, Inspire is most likely a solution for some people, but it would be wonderful to have more information before deciding whether or not this is a good answer for those who’d like to create a community of people who suffer from sleep apnea and are considering or have already received the Inspire implant. We must be fully educated before taking such severe action. Like any business, I believe the Inspire Company is attempting to promote this operation, and they have the right to do so; but, we as consumers must go further in determining the true impact that these health claims have on our bodies and minds.

What are the negatives of inspiration for sleep apnea?

Is Inspire dangerous? Es ist ungewöhnlich, dass Inspire surgical risks hat, und es verschwindet normalerweise von selbst. Risks include swelling at the incision site, pain, infection, and tongue weakness for a short time. Your doctor may prescribe medicine to treat pain or infection.

What is the success rate of Inspire?

Was ist die Erfolgsrate? If you are a good candidate for the procedure, about 70% to 80% of patients will see significant improvement. We see moderate to severe sleep apnea improve down to at least a mild range. Mit Inspire können etwa ein Drittel der Patienten ihre Schlafapnea vollständig kontrollieren.

How scary is sleep apnea?

However, it seems that the quality of sleep you get is also important for your heart’s health.
Undiagnosed sleep apnea is particularly linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular and metabolic health. Die schrecklichste Komponente? You may not even know you have this very common problem.

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